IKK FULAZ provides a complete Design and Build solutions of metal fabricated products depending on the client’s needs. Staring by Structural Design, Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Surface Preparation & Finish, Transportation, Installation, Erection, Testing, and ending by Commissioning.

Depending on the project nature and client’s needs IKK FULAZ can cover part or all the above Design & Build.

Design & Engineering

IKK FULAZ Design & Engineering Department is capable of handling all types of structures in the areas of structural design, connection design, erection & shop drawings preparation including Bill of Materials. IKK FULAZ has a high capacity to produce shop drawings and associated documents by the effective use of computer software’s and qualified Experienced Engineers.

IKK FULAZ works using the latest software technologies (Auto-CAD, SolidWorks, STAAD PRO, Tekla …etc.) in Structural design enabling us to deliver designs which meet each project requirements and client’s satisfaction.

All Structural Designs and Engineering are done based on local and international codes and norms. Depending on the project size and work load Design and Engineering are done with high quality either in house and/or with reliable third parties.

Procurement & Fabrication

IKK FULAZ procures all projects needs of raw materials and consumables with all steel grades with high quality and traceability from steel mills and stockers. Materials and their certificates are inspected to assure coherence with projects needs and ISO standards. All logistics is done in timely matter to assure projects schedules and customers’ satisfactions are met.

IKK FULAZ Fabrication & Production department has planning, preparation, assembly, welding, finishing and painting sections with high certified welders and foremen to cover all clients’ demands quality and time wise covering a wide range of products.

Installation & Commissioning

IKK FULAZ manages with the needed crews and equipment the installation, erection, testing, and commission of its own produced products as per clients’ needed.

IKK FULAZ site and construction works focus on Safety more than any other aspect during installation, erection and commissioning. Depending on the project size and work load Installation & Commissioning are done with high quality either in house and/or with reliable third parties.

Based on the project needs and scope the certified labor and certified equipment are selected armored by the needed safety gadgets and tools, deployed, and managed to assure maximum efficiency and reliability.