“Determined To Succeed” that’s how Shk. Isam Kabbani has described IKK FULAZ management team achievement and performance during his first IKK FULAZ factory and projects visit in establishing one of IKK Group foreseen industrial pillars knowing the challenges on hand.

IKK Group Chairman Sheikh Isam Kabbani visited IKK FULAZ Plant in Rabigh and projects sites on March 24, 2015 accompanied by Sheikh Hassan Kabbani, Acting IKK Group Chairman, Mr. Khairy Kabbani and Mr. Amr Kabbani IKK Group Chief Operation Officer.

The visitors reviewed the progress of the factory establishment and executed projects by IKK FULAZ and inspected the ongoing construction at the facility with Eng. Adel ElDayasty, IKK Fulaz CEO, and the company’s senior officials and were satisfied with the work done so far.

The new plant will have several advanced technological features leading to both qualitative and quantitative improvements in steel fabricating. Several advanced pollution control measures, have also been incorporated in the production phases.

The new facility has been partially in operation manually and will begin in automated production by the end of June. The IKK Group chairman emphasized on the importance of installing the new machines on time and streamlining the production processes as planned to further strengthen the presence of IKK Fulaz in the Saudi market with the help of its high tech equipment.

IKK FULAZ has already been executing several projects in steel structure, plate works, and tailor made steel equipment supports. The scope of works executed and under execution covers the Design, Fabrication, and Erection of thousands of tons of steel structure buildings, large steel diesel storage tanks, and mechanical equipment support structures.